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Fall has arrived in the North Okanagan, and the City of Vernon is offering tips and reminders to help residents manage their curbside organic waste carts this season.

Residents are encouraged to follow city advice to ensure their carts can be completely emptied during collection.

Tips for a complete collection:

Overfilling the carts with organics or adding too much weight can cause the materials to jam in the bins. This can only lead to partial collection. To ensure complete garbage collection, the City offers the following tips:

• Layer kitchen organics with yard waste (like leaves) and soiled paper or newspapers.

• Keep loose materials in cart.

• Avoid overfilling the trolley (the lid must close to be collected).

• Avoid pushing or compacting materials into the cart.

• Avoid placing large amounts of wet leaves and yard waste in the cart. It can become heavy and compacted very quickly.

• Place carts at the curb before 7 a.m. on collection day. Please do not place carts the day before as this may attract wildlife.

• Make sure carts placed at the curb are one meter (arm’s length) from all other objects.

• Make sure all materials in your organics cart are compostable. Rocks, dirt, plastic bags, animal droppings and branches larger than half an inch in diameter cannot be picked up.

Tips for keeping your basket clean:

• Wrap kitchen waste in newspaper or a BPI-certified compostable bag before placing it in the cart. Alternatively, you can freeze kitchen scraps until collection day.

• Place a piece of cardboard at the bottom of your cart to prevent waste from sticking to it.

• Rinse your cart periodically with water and vinegar, then sprinkle it with baking soda.

• Store your cart indoors. If it must be outside, choose a ventilated place.

• Place your organics cart for collection every week, even if it is only partially full.

• Keep lid closed at all times.

Tips for managing additional organic waste:

Weight restrictions for Vernon curbside waste collection carts are as follows:

• 120 L trolley: 50 kg (110 lb)

• 240 L trolley: 75 kg (165 lb)

Pumpkins can be composted after Halloween, but be careful how much weight you put in the trash. If you have more materials than your bin can hold, consider storing the extra materials until your next collection day, or bring larger amounts of yard waste to the Grand Diversion and Disposal Facility. Vernon, where residential yard and yard waste can be disposed of at no charge.

Organic waste carts must be placed with the wheels facing the sidewalk. If they are upside down, they cannot be emptied by automated collection trucks. Residents must also leave a meter of space between carts for trucks to pick them up.

For more information on Vernon’s curbside organics collection program and a list of accepted compostables, visit

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