Circus clown gives his opinion on ‘scary clowns’


LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) – If you google a “scary clown”, you will get at least 25 pages of sightings, alarms, burglaries and thefts.

In fact, there was an armed robbery at a Longview business on October 17th. Longview Police told us that a man wearing a clown mask walked into payday loans and quick titles, showed a gun and left the building with an undisclosed sum of money.

Not so long ago, when you heard the word clown, you might immediately think of the circus, but now you might be thinking something different.

Recently, Carson and Barnes Circus were in East Texas. Their clown, Pinky, also known as Jorge Valiant, has been a clown for over 4 decades, and Ringmaster Jairo Ojeda has been involved in the circus his entire life.

Pinky is from Peru and doesn’t speak English, so the ring boss translates what Pinky thinks about scary clowns.

“The clown is the image of the circus and he’s happy and he loves children. And then these guys do these horrible pranks and scare children and adults too. And that just gives a bad image not only to the circus, but to the kids. clowns everywhere making them seem inaccessible, ”The Ringmaster translated.

Pinky says anyone who has developed a fear of clowns should visit the circus, not just Carson and Barnes, but any circus to learn what clowns really are.

“It’s the world of children, the circus, and when they see a clown terrorizing and committing crimes, and being criminal by scaring people and threatening them, that’s not the real clown,” the Ringmaster translated. .

Pinky thinks clowns have always been there to bring out wonder in children, but that has changed.

“He noticed a difference when the kids come to the show. He has a pre-show where he plays with the kids, does hoop games and dances with them. When the kids see him, they’re immediately scared,” the Ringmaster explained. . “They’re like, oh, mom, he’s a clown, stay away from the clown. And he says it’s terrible. He says it’s something that shouldn’t happen. “

“They’re nice people. They just decided to hide their faces to make the kids smile. It’s something to say, we’re a little different, but we’re nuts and we like to have a good time. is the clown about to have a good time, not just with the kids, but with the adults, ”the Ringmaster added.

After seeing her first act, it became pretty obvious that anyone who can take four complete strangers and make them trust each other enough to levitate by leaning on each other is really not there to scare anyone, except maybe the guys who do this trick.

Pinky wants her message to be heard by clowns across the United States. He says he would love to see the clowns unite to send the message that someone who wears a scary mask and scares people is not a clown. He challenges other clowns to make sure people understand the real meaning of the clown.

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