Celebrity Marketing Strategies To Emulate



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Celebrities are high impact marketers. They naturally attract attention and can greatly improve a brand’s visibility when featured in advertisements. They can build brand credibility and increase engagement for marketing campaigns. In Asia, up to 70% of advertisements feature celebrities. But what do celebrities do differently from other marketers? Here are some lessons entrepreneurs can learn from celebrity marketing strategies.

1. Build a tribe

Celebrities have very loyal fans. Steadfastly loyal fans buy all their merchandise, attend all of their shows, and shout their names from the rooftops. Fans have an emotional connection with performers that touches on the same core values ​​and beliefs as they do.

They feel a kind of kinship, and therefore they invest financially and also emotionally. When fans have an emotional connection with a celebrity, it is easy for them to purchase their merchandise or whatever they are promoting.

You too can create a tribe to do the marketing for you. Create a great product that impacts people’s lives in the best way possible. People will always be talking about a product that has changed their lives.

2. Reinvent yourself to stay relevant

Many artists change their musical genre at some point in their careers to stay relevant. Others undergo a complete transformation, changing their personal style and even their religion. Madonna has continually reinvented herself since the ’70s to stay relevant.

Today, more and more companies are adopting this approach. For example, some online lenders who once required in-person loan applications have changed their application process, gaining more customers. Loan seekers can now get service faster and easier by typing words like “title lending places near meOr “online securities lending”.

3. Engage your audience

Ellen DeGeneres is an American comedian and television host who always says what she thinks. Fans love her because she supports what she believes in. On her show, she always asks for the opinion of the audience, whether good or bad.

Entrepreneurs can apply the same trick. Hear what your customers are saying about your products. Ask them about their experience using the product. Collecting customer feedback shows customers that you value their opinions. Because you involve them in the overhaul of your business, they feel more attached to it and are more engaged. Use their feedback to find out where you can improve and find new ideas.

4. Be everywhere

You will always see Kim Kardashian on the red carpet with a bright smile and a great outfit. She masters the art of staying in people’s minds and getting them to talk. And every time she appears on the cover of a magazine, she makes a strong statement, whether it’s with her style or with what she says.

When you market your business, be everywhere. Create a strong digital presence and market your brand online and offline. Contribute to industry publications, post videos and podcasts, and send regular newsletters. Know everything going on in your industry and always give your opinion on important topics. Your brand should be constantly on the minds of customers. If not, they will buy from your competitor quickly.

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