Call for public participation to keep the Conolly Canal in Kozhikode clean


The Kozhikode Corporation will recommend that the state government write off the debts of the solid waste management team under the Kudumbashree incurred by the purchase of vehicles to transport the waste.

Raising the issue at a company board meeting on Wednesday, Councilor K. Nirmala pointed out that Kudumbashree units engaged in waste collection have debts worth over 1.25 crore and that several members had received bank foreclosure notices.

The chairman of the Standing Committee on Welfare, P. Divakaran, said the civic body had handed over 142 autorickshaws to 72 units in Kudumbashree for waste collection as part of the Clean Kerala Project. The vehicles were used by the units from 2004 to 2021. However, with the exception of a few groups, most of them were unable to repay their debts, which now stand at 1,39 10,309. “The banks are ready to be paid if we at least partially reimburse the contributions. But we are not in a position to do so and therefore it is wise to appeal to the state government, ”Mr. Diwakaran said.

Councilor KC Shobhita raised the issue of the Connolly Channel in another submission, noting that the channel had returned to its previous state after COVID and that swift intervention was needed to revive it. “There have been reports of a clean canal with water as clear as a teardrop during the first lockdown. Later, the condition of the canal deteriorated. The flow has been interrupted by garbage, while the stench of polluted water is unbearable, ”she said. She complained that the Society had failed to keep pace after cleaning the canal in a mass campaign a few years ago.

Mayor Beena Philip said the public should participate in efforts to keep the canal clean. “There are 102 drains that lead into the Conolly Canal. The work of the company commissioned to clean the canal is progressing slowly and the Company has given it all its help, ”she added.

Councilor NC Moyinkutty raised the issue of the Kerala Water Authority imposing exorbitant fees even when water usage is quite low. The mayor said the matter would be brought to the attention of officials.

Councilor KT Sushaj expressed concern about the excessive speed of heavy vehicles in the city, literally terrorizing pedestrians and other motorists, leading to a sharp increase in road accidents. He demanded the immediate intervention of the police and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The mayor chaired the meeting.


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