Busy brand cleans wipes making them eco-friendly


Wipes are a growing problem for the well-being of our environment. Search performed by Good Housekeeping show that 90% of wipes on the market contain plastic, which doesn’t biodegrade, but instead ends up in landfills where it breaks down into hundreds of thousands of pieces of microplastic, wreaking havoc on our oceans. With 60 trillion wipes used each year in the United States alone, this plastic waste is a major contributor to pollution. These wipes often contain harmful preservatives and are made with questionable manufacturing practices overseas.

Busy Co, a conscious beauty brand, offers a variety of body, face and hand wipes, as well as feminine and body deodorant wipes. Made in the USA, Powered by Wind Energy, 100% Clean, and 0% Waste, Busy solves the wet wipe problem plaguing our planet. The wipes are made from biodegradable recycled cotton and packaged in recyclable pouches and recycled cartons. Busy Wipes are available online at Amazon, Anthropologie, Beauty Brands, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and onboard JetBlue.

Jamie Steenbakkers is the founder and COO of Busy Co. “Not only do we do good through Mother Earth, but we also do good through women. Instead of spending 45 minutes getting ready, busy women can grab a body wipe and get ready in five minutes, ”she says. She started the business at 19 because she wanted to close the gender gap in personal care. His company started out by producing 2,000 bottles of shaving gel without a shower. A few years later, they started to take control of the wipes market.

Although Steenbakkers sometimes finds it “scary” to run a business at such a young age, she also enjoys what she does. “I get to be a decision maker,” she says. “There is no bureaucracy, no one tells me what products to make. The world is my oyster! It makes me participate 100% in everything I do. I wake up lucky every day. I know I will make a difference. I know that I will empower millions of women through equal personal care, and I know that I will prevent thousands of tons of plastic from going into landfills.

The Covid-19 pandemic struck right in the middle of a brand transition for Busy Co. The company had just opened an office in New York and was making “a massive push” into the sustainable space. Their sales of wipes increased 8 times in March 2020. Everyone who bought toilet paper also bought body wipes. But Busy was not ready to meet the growing demand. The raw materials were delayed for several months, and with the backbone of the brand and people no longer working in the office, it was a tough time.

“We did everything we could to manufacture as quickly as possible,” says Steenbakkers. “We launched new disinfectant wipes, then decided to launch a hand care collection. We thought about how dry and cracked everyone’s hands would be from the sanitizer, and created a line of wipes for dry, dull and aging hand skin. So far, so good!”

To others looking to harness their life purpose, Steenbakkers says, “Give your passions a chance to show! If you have the ability to take a risk for something that matters to you, do so. When I started my business, I used to sell shaving gel on the side while going to school. Now Busy has evolved into something that holds all of my values ​​of sustainability and equality. Nothing is perfect at first, but with your decisions you can turn any opportunity into a dream. “


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