Bringing Chandigarh to the first place of my priority swachhta ranking, says Anindita Mitra


Chandigarh’s new municipal commissioner, Anindita Mitra, says she will give top priority to fulfilling citizens’ aspirations in addition to striving to make Chandigarh the beautiful city and help secure it the top position in the city. swachhta ranking.

The 2007 batch IAS officer, who took office on Monday, spoke to The Indian Express about his priorities and challenges.

What’s the first case you called today or is something we can say is your priority?

Garbage management will be my priority because it has encountered some problems. Although 80% of waste collection is in the city, management is not done on a daily basis.

It will therefore be my priority to make sure that the waste treatment is done because the waste management is not a sanitation problem but an environmental problem and it must be addressed.

Second, I asked the officers to educate me on the administrative part as, even when I was deputy commissioner, I tried to make the system citizen-centered. I want to know what the citizens’ aspirations are because there are things I want to do, but I want to know where they want improvements, the grievance part as well. My main objective will be to provide people with a clean, effective, efficient, transparent and citizen-centered administration. I have instructed officers to carry out their duty diligently to ensure that citizen-centered services are provided hassle-free. I will ensure that people walk hand in hand with the administration to maintain the ethics of the historic city.

Then there are several smart city projects that my predecessor started, so I will follow them. It includes the Pedestrian Safety Self-Service Bike Project. Such initiatives are on my priority list.

Besides, Chandigarh’s number one rank as a magnificent city will be assured at all costs. Maximum use of technology will be made to make the city cleaner, greener and pollution-free.

Something about the financial situation of the civic organization?

I would first like to assess the situation before commenting on it, as there are projects that are short, medium and long term. So we need to assess what we need in the immediate future, what is required in five years and what needs to be implemented taking into account the vision of the city. So, for immediate projects, finances are important.

As, as you know, Chandigarh company has 13 additional villages under its responsibility apart from nine other villages, so providing urban facilities in these suburban areas will also be my priority.

Would you mind going ahead with the imposition of taxes if there was such a measure?

As I said since it is my first day, without understanding and assessing the situation, I would not be able to comment on it.

What do you think is a challenge for you right now in waste management?

As I said, in waste management, collection is one part and management is the other. We have to achieve the optimum capacity in dealing with it. My priority is to make sure that we treat more than the collected waste. Efforts will be made to ensure scientific waste management, thus giving populations a break.

Is there another issue in the MC that you think is a big challenge?

I think it will be too premature to talk about anything from now on. However, any system built always has room for improvement.

The journey of the new commissioner

In addition to being deputy commissioner of prominent Punjab districts such as Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar and Hoshiarpur, Mitra remained the Punjab’s director of information and public relations, twice during which she played an important role in the organization. of Sri Guru Nanak Dev’s 550th Parkash Purab, thereby strengthening the image of the Punjab government around the world.

She was also one of the oldest directors of the Punjab’s Food and Civilian Supply Department, during which she not only broke the backbone of the transport cartel, but also took over operations. smooth, hassle-free supply for four consecutive years. Her relentless efforts to supply grain and showcase the good image of government during the COVID era were also praised by all.


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