Best investment items: 7 things to buy to increase value


American culture is a culture of consumption. Buying stuff is what we do. And while we can complain that we don’t live in a society that prioritizes sharing over spending, sort of what it is right now. We’re copying new shit. We copy old shit. We cop the shoe shit. We cop some gold shit. You all remember Dr Seuss.

The worst part of all this consumption? No, not the system that turns the majority of our fleeting lives into higher profits for the rich. No, not the centuries of abuse of citizens and natural resources. No, not the environmental damage that now threatens our existence.

Okay, so yeah, it’s not the worst of all this consumption. But you want to know a pretty bad part of all that consumption? Most of what we buy is instantly worth less the moment we buy it. Exactly then. Immediate amortization. To paraphrase Andre 3000: the newer Mercedes will lose value as soon as you kick it out of the lot (lot, lot).

This is why buying things that you love and that increase in value over time is such a smart game. Love sports? Souvenirs and collectibles are obviously huge. Do you like art? People literally buy percentages of paintings as an investment now. Do you like sneakers? LOL you already know.

Sometimes being wise with your purchases (and maybe a little lucky) can turn having fun into income. Consume and enjoy at the same time? It’s America raw, uncut, right there. Here are some items that might appreciate in value once you bring them home.

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