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Nothing says America like a perfectly cooked beef patty covered in condiments and sandwiched in a bun.

We live in a burger country and everyone’s preferences differ. The hamburger was never meant to be a fancy and expensive food, although many attempts have been made to make it into a mainstream. No, the ideal hamburger restaurant is one that has not been franchised to death, occupies modest premises usually with minimal decoration, but is bursting with personality and has become a local institution as well as a simple dining place – in other words, a real burger joint. (These are America’s 25 Favorite Burger Restaurants.)

To compile a list of the best hole-in-the-wall burger joints in every state, 24/7 Tempo tapped reviews and ratings on a wide range of websites, including Food and wine, The meal of the day, Thrillist, Reader’s Digest, Eater, Bark, Love food, Cheap, Large 7 Travel, and Taste of the house, as well as lists of state and regional restaurants for each state.

Several of the places on the resulting list have been serving burgers since before the Great Depression and continue to use the same methods and recipes they have used from the start. Most of them avoid the gimmicks, mostly offering exceptional burgers with classic toppings. Some sell nothing more than burgers, in fact, with a few sides and drinks. Others also have a variety of other things, like sandwiches and hot dogs. It’s quick, easy, cheap and very good anyway.

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Some of the places on our list are in the big cities – Tampa, Los Angeles, St. Paul – but many are in the suburbs or even in rural areas, on old roads or on the main streets of small towns off the beaten track. . All of them are worth looking out for if you are a burger lover. If you can’t find any of these places or reasonable alternatives, however, these are the best burgers you can get at a fast food restaurant.


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