Anine Bing launches the Nico bag and finds her voice in the winter collection


Anine Bing has grown up well.

The brand best known for its stylish basics, felted palette and chic sportswear, has found its voice in its Winter 2021 collection, which represents a mature and refined muse, who is always ready to have fun.

“I guess I’m growing up! Anine Bing, the designer, laughed. “I am really proud of this collection. Since I started the brand 10 years ago, I feel like I have landed even more in my own style and who we are as a brand, so for each collection I feel as we get closer and closer to what I really want to create. “

Overall, the new collection appears to be a modern take on the classics of the 50s and 70s, but with a touch of sensuality and elegance that only an “it” girl like Bing could imagine.

Wednesday evening, at the launch of her Nico bag in New York, the designer, in her new houndstooth coat and vintage-inspired bag, looked like her muses in every way: Coco Chanel, Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger and Hailey Bieber.

“Welcome and thank you for coming out tonight,” she told a small group of fashion insiders, star friends, colleagues and reporters. “I’m going to tell you a little story behind the Nico bag: I still only wear my own brand from head to toe, but I mix these vintage bags from heritage brands like Chanel and Hermès, so my husband, co-founder of slash and CEO of the company, said, “You stop wearing all these brands and design a bag that you are very proud to wear, and it has to be at a good price.” This is how the Nico bag was born.

The designer kindly named the bag, which made its official debut on Thursday, in honor of her husband, Nicolai.

Bing’s deep love for vintage Chanel suits and heirloom branded bags inspired Nico, but she insisted from the start on making sure the bag was also accessible and practical for her audience.

“I try to take the elements that I love from these very beautiful brands that have been around for so long and do it in a little more modern and younger way so that women can wear them with their pieces of all kinds. days and it’s not that fancy that you only have to wear them on very special occasions, ”she said.

Bing’s line is incredibly cohesive because despite having different sources of inspiration for each collection, one drop blends seamlessly into the next, and buyers can easily mix and match pieces from each season to create looks. casual or glamorous.

“I am from Scandinavia. It’s very minimalist and simple there, and my design is inspired by my childhood there, and I think you can see it in the collections, ”Bing said, speaking of his love of soft colors and lines. uncluttered.

The Nico bag is a perfect example. The black and white houndstooth gives it an elegance suitable for a gala, but the shape of the bag is young, fresh and simple. For a night out, it can be worn with the cute Chelsea dress, and for a morning smoothie run, it can be worn with one of Bing’s Tyler joggers and a blazer.

The raised, nomadic style is also ideal for Bing’s largest markets: New York, London, and Paris.

“It’s a mix of those vintage and classic pieces, but also inspired by all the street style, all the Hailey Biebers around the world,” Bing said of his winter collection, which includes the Nico. “So I tried to marry these two worlds. And I also feel like after sitting inside for so long, after all this lockdown, people are so ready to get dressed and wear fun prints again. So I really tried to make a collection that would get people to go out and move around again. “


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