Alfa Romeo happy that Guanyu Zhou has “a good teacher” in Valtteri Bottas


Alfa Romeo team manager Frédéric Vasseur believes Valtteri Bottas will be a “good teacher” for Guanyu Zhou.

The Switzerland-based team are the only ones on the grid heading into the 2022 campaign with a whole new roster of drivers like Zhou and Bottas replace Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen.

Zhou will be the only rookie on the grid and with the new regulations taking effect, many expect it to be a tough year for him – but Vasseur says he’s not worried.

This is largely because he believes the 22-year-old will have a good teacher in his teammate.

“I’m not worried about anything,” said Vasseur GPFans.

“Zhou wants to learn. I think he shows the perfect attitude and with Valtteri we have a good teacher at home.

Helping Zhou isn’t the only way Vasseur believes Bottas’s experience will benefit the team, either.

With the new regulations coming into effect, there will be a huge amount of unknowns for the teams at the start of the season in terms of cars and the rules as a whole.

Considering this, the feedback their riders give them will be more important than ever, and it is for this reason that Vasseur and co-opted have chosen to take over the Finn.

“We made that choice ourselves,” added Vasseur. “What was important for us was that we would have at least one driver in the team with a lot of Formula 1 experience.

“I think it’s difficult to build on past performances because we are facing a completely new situation. Everything is different, but at the very least we now have someone in the house who quickly understands where things are going well and where things are not.

As it was widely expected early last year that he would be replaced at Mercedes by George Russell at the end of this season, there was talk of Bottas retiring from F1 rather than joining another team further down the line. gate.

He admits the thought crossed his mind, but says he never seriously considered stopping it someday.

“Of course I also wondered, do I want this or should I try to do something else?” he said.

“It was also an option, but I never seriously considered leaving Formula 1 because deep down I still love Formula 1 and racing and a lot about it.”


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