Alex Caruso on the harsh reality of Kevin Durant threatening the balance of power


There’s no denying that right now, when it comes to taking control of their own future, players wield a lot more power than they did a few years ago. Kevin Durant’s decision to demand a trade from the Brooklyn Nets is a clear testament to that.

Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso, who himself negotiated a $37 million contract with the Chicago Bulls last season, spoke about this apparent shift in power from teams to players, as evidenced by Durant’s trade request . Guest at JJ Redick The old man and the three podcast, Caruso explained why he has no problem with it:

“Everyone is complaining about players having power and not honoring contracts, or not wanting to. And it just struck me that someone said it, players are finally treating this like teams and organizations have been doing it for so many years,” Caruso said in the Durant Saga. “They’re finally realizing the business side of it like, ‘Okay, I’ve got leverage. I am an asset. Let me do this job to the best of my abilities because if the organization or the team has a chance to level up, they will level up.

Caruso hit the nail on the head, and Redick himself had to throw a few punches to indicate agreement with his guest’s statement. What the Bulls guard is pointing out here is that Kevin Durant, or any other player for that matter, has every right to take control of his own future. We always say that ultimately the NBA is a business, so at this point it’s only fair that players act on it.


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