Air monitoring project to be carried out in Sussex County with federal funding


A Delaware nonprofit organization receives a federal grant of nearly $500,000 for a community-based air pollution monitoring project.

The Socially Responsible Agriculture Project in Claymont received a $497,861 grant to focus on underserved and historically marginalized communities burdened by pollution.

Maria Payan is part of the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project. She explains what the project is all about.

“It will allow us to collect data and really monitor pollution and quantify emissions from factories, farms and other emissions with the ultimate goal of solving the problem and finding solutions,” Payan said.

Payan notes that monitoring will be in Millsboro and Seaford, as well as Princess Anne in Maryland.

The non-profit organization will collect data on the air of poultry by-products and its effects on public health and the environment.

Payan explains what they hope to learn.

“It allows us to capture hyper-local data and analytics that we can use to reduce emissions and improve public health and hopefully provide clean air for all,” Payan said.

Senator Tom Carper says that to fight air pollution, you have to monitor it.

“In order to make sure we’re managing pollution and reducing it for better people’s health, we need to measure,” Carper said. “And we’ve set aside quite a bit of money in the Inflation Reduction Act, spread across the country, to help state and local governments better measure pollution.”

Funding for this grant comes from the Inflation Reduction Act and the US bailout.


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