Aduro and Switch Energy Partner to Build Pilot Plant in Ontario, Canada, Demonstrating Hydrochemilytic (TM) Technology for Chemical Recycling of Agricultural Plastic Waste


SARNIA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 9, 2021 / Aduro clean technologies (“Aduro” or the “Company”) (CSE: ACT) (OTCQB: ACTHF) (FSE: 9D50), a Canadian developer of patented water-based technologies to chemically recycle plastics and turn heavy, renewable crudes into new-age resources and higher-value fuels, has begun discussions with Change energy (“Switch Energy”), a recycler and operator participating in Canada’s agricultural and industrial film recycling program by owning and operating the largest agricultural waste collection program in the province of Ontario. The aim of these discussions is to develop a framework in which the two companies can work together to design, build, install and operate a pilot plant to process waste polyethylene and other types of plastic waste, such as polypropylene.

Canadian farms generate approximately 60,000 tonnes of plastic each year. Farmers and their local communities would like to recycle agricultural plastics like bale / silage wrappers, twine and greenhouse film to keep their farms clean and prevent these materials from ending up in landfills. But until now, there has been no way to deal with this plastic waste locally in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Indeed, most plastic recycling technologies and projects require large-scale facilities to achieve economic feasibility, putting them out of reach for many recyclers. To address this and other issues, Aduro aims to deploy smaller-scale modular facilities that can be collocated at or near waste streams. In the case of Switch Energy, the pilot plant will meet the need of farmers to economically divert their agricultural plastic waste from landfills. A successful implementation could lead to similar projects across North America.

Switch Energy has over a decade of experience in agricultural waste collection, plastic washing design and development, mechanical shredding, power system setup, and product sales and marketing. This experience makes Switch Energy the ideal partner for this pilot plant. Aduro will bring its expertise in the field of hydrochimiolysis Technology Process Design (HCT), including identifying optimal finished product specifications and engaging with the chemical and petrochemical industry for a long-term sampling commitment. The pilot plant will be sized for a capacity of tonnes per day.

“Our discussions with Aduro over the past few months, as well as a thorough review of their technology, have convinced us that their HCT-based solution is a superior solution compared to the alternatives. Their technology works at low temperatures, does no problem to deal with with high humidity levels and versatile enough to handle other types of plastics and contaminants. Therefore, we are very excited to work with Aduro to advance this important technology on a scale. As a farmer, I see the need for solutions, not just regulations, so that we don’t have to send agricultural waste to landfills, ”said Don Nott, Founder and CEO of Switch Energy.

The project allows Aduro to demonstrate the unique capability of HCT technology, and it represents a natural progression for Aduro after his imminent achievement of the first milestone. “Achieving the first milestone remains a primary goal for us, which means demonstrating that our technology works well in the continuous flow mode necessary for commercial systems. Our data supports further discussions about drivers for different applications, such as plastic waste, ”Ofer explains. Vicus, CEO of Aduro.

Nott and Vicus agree that the possibility of a similar project in the provinces of Canada and across North America is very exciting, as it can eliminate the cost of waste disposal by increasing the value of plastic waste. Aduro anticipates that the proposed project will further demonstrate the economic feasibility of processing plastics on a small scale using its HCT.

About Aduro Clean Technologies

Aduro Clean Technologies is a developer of patented water-based technologies for chemically recycling plastic waste; converting heavy crude and bitumen into lighter, more valuable oil; and transforming renewable oils into more valuable fuels or renewable chemicals. The Company’s Hydrochemolytic ™ technology activates the unique properties of water in a chemical platform that operates at relatively low temperatures and costs, a revolutionary approach that converts low-value raw materials into 21st century resources. With funding and support from Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, the company has developed a pre-pilot reactor system to transform heavy oil into lighter oil.

About Switch Energy

Switch Energy is an Ontario company with 10 years of experience in recycling plastic waste from polyethylene and polypropylene. With operations throughout southwestern Ontario, the company collects materials directly from agricultural, horticultural and marine business operations. Switch Energy has extensive experience in the shredding, washing and recycling of resin plastic waste used in various plastic applications.

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