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Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), based in Dalton, Georgia, announced the winners of its Recycler and Person of the Year awards for 2021. The announcements were made at the organization’s 20th annual conference in Minneapolis.

The 2021 recyclers of the year are Georgia Carpet Recovery Center, based in East Point, Georgia, and GreenWaste Carpet Recycling of San Jose, California. The 2021 People of the Year are Nick Fiore of Circular Polymers, based in Lincoln, Calif., and Kent Singleton of the Georgia Carpet Recovery Center.

“This year’s winners have demonstrated true commitment to ongoing challenges, and many of those challenges continue to evolve today,” said CARE Executive Director Bob Peoples.

Founded by Amir Sahebivani in 1995, the Georgia Carpet Recovery Center has been providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly carpet and cushion recycling services since that year, CARE says. In 2018, the facility processed over 9,000 tons of post-consumer carpet and underlay. “The Georgia Carpet Recovery Center has brought vital services to the heart of the carpet recycling industry,” says Peoples. “They have evolved and adapted over the past 20 years to stay in business and show the true entrepreneurial spirit this country is built on.”

GreenWaste Recovery opened GreenWaste Carpet Recycling in 2012 to collect, analyze, sort and process post-consumer carpet, foam padding, commercial carpet and carpet tile in Northern California. “GreenWaste Carpet Recycling is an essential partner of the California Carpet Stewardship Program,” says Peoples. “Their state-of-the-art material handling facility supports the aggressive growth we need to continue to expand this program. The discipline they bring as a major player in the recycling, composting and collection system is a vital contributor to supporting the carpet recycling community.

Nick Fiore is president of Circular Polymers, CARE Recycler of the Year 2019. He has helped develop many carpet recycling technologies to explore best practices, according to CARE. Fiore has owned and operated five carpet recycling facilities and currently runs Circular Polymers. “Nick brings a wealth of financial and logistics experience to the management team at Circular Polymers,” Peoples said. “Under his watchful eye, Circular Polymers is the fastest growing carpet recycler in North America, bringing needed innovation to the challenges facing this industry.”

Kent Singleton retired from General Motors in September 2006 after 32 years there. He then joined Georgia Carpet Processing (later Georgia Carpet Recovery Center) with a mission to improve production and reduce ash content by 15%. Production targets were met quickly, but it took more than two years to reduce the ash content to less than 5%, CARE explains. “Kent demonstrates the true courage of an American entrepreneur,” says Peoples. “Under relentless pressure, he navigated his business through major market upheavals. Times are tough for carpet recycling and Kent has found innovative ways to keep the mission alive.

Since 2002, CARE says its members have diverted more than 2.5 million tons of carpet from landfills in the United States


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