8 Creative Wall Decor Ideas From Paintings To Murals


The empty wall in your home can be a great canvas for both showing off your creativity and adding freshness to your space. There are solid reasons why you should bring art to your walls, and much easy and efficient ideas to spice up your interior decoration, everything from a simple piece of art or wall hanging to creating a mural or creativity with 5 pieces of art on canvas; even one vertical hanging garden.

We’re looking at eight wall decor ideas that can inject a touch of personality and individualism into your home, and while everyone loves home projects, they can get quite expensive. To finance your renovation and art needs, consider using securities lending to get your financing.

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8 creative wall decor ideas

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1. Large-scale wall art: Do you like art? Well, an empty wall in your living room or bedroom can be a perfect canvas for some extravagant wall art. If you want something unique but want to go for a minimalist style, having only oversized wall art will do. Be sure to keep the symmetry, position, and space of all decor items in mind when choosing large scale wall art.

8 creative wall decor ideas

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2. An accent wall: Create a focal point in your room by painting an accent wall. Instead of painting the wall, you can opt for removable wallpaper so that you can change your look at any time. Accent walls can change the look and feel of your home. It adds a unique touch of intrigue and dimension to your space. Be creative and playful with the patterns, styles and colors you choose.

3. Window fabric: Not in the typical gallery walls? How about a wall tapestry? Here, we talk about all types of textile art, from vintage fabrics to weavings to more contemporary creations. This type of fabric decor adds unique color, texture and pattern to your space. You can hang them on the wall behind the sofa or in your room behind the bed. Hang it with thumbtacks or stretch it over a frame. Secure it with Velcro tape or use a plinth.

4. Paint a beautiful mural: Paint your inspiration or imagination on your wall. Murals add fun, interest, and charm to an otherwise boring space. When it comes to painting, there are four interior household paint chandeliers available: Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Matte. Go for an eggshell shine and avoid semi-gloss and satin shine, as they can be too shiny.

8 creative wall decor ideas

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5. Vertical garden: Imagine a garden with colorful plants, in your living room, your dining room or even your bedroom. For nature lovers, a vertical garden is a unique wall decoration idea to refresh your space. You can plant upwards rather than outwards. It will give you enough space to plant medicinal plants, fresh aromatic herbs and an abundance of different types of colorful flowers, indoors or outdoors.

8 creative wall decor ideas

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6. Giant board or white board: Chalkboard paint is a fun way to turn your room into something interesting and unique with minimal effort. Chalkboard paint will turn your wall into a canvas for your desired hand painted creations. It is great for your child’s bedroom to give him space for his creativity. It also looks great above your desk or in the kitchen. Instead of a chalkboard, you can also paint a whiteboard as you like.

7. Hang the plates: Take the unique and vintage route in hanging plates on your wall. You can group all-white plates together or paint some plates in the colors you want. This is great if you have a collection of vintage plates. Just pay attention to symmetry and spacing when hanging the plates on the wall.

8. Decorate with mirrors or install a fireplace: Install a fireplace in your wall. Beautiful wall fireplaces available in the market these days. These fireplaces are safe, smoke free, odorless and do not consume too much electricity. A wall mounted fireplace can look great all year round while serving many purposes. It keeps your room warm and brightens up your space. Installation is easy and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Apart from that, you can also use mirrors to add a decorative touch to your interior. These decorative pieces are also a great solution to make your space bigger and brighter. You can hang mirrors on the walls in different styles, from your dining rooms to bedrooms. You can combine photographs and ornate golden mirrors on a gallery wall. A trio of simple 19th century mirrors will add a rustic touch to your space.


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