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The Warren County Board of Supervisors held their annual Hazardous Waste Collection Day for the first time on Saturday under the leadership of Shalanda Harris, who said it was a big success.

In March, Harris’ administrator introduced her to the event and told her she would be responsible for it. At first Harris said she was nervous to host this big event; however, as the planning began, she took control and enjoyed the experience.

“I was only nervous when she told me it would be my task, then the fear dissipated as I approached the day,” Harris said. “I arrived on Saturday and was ready to rock and roll.”

His hard work and preparation paid off as the event was well attended. The event allowed 785 vehicles to drive to drop off numerous items for disposal. Harris said some of the most popular items brought in were televisions, batteries, and paint. The total calculations of the amount of waste brought in and the cost of the assembly are still in progress.

District 5 Supervisor Kelle Barfield thanked Harris for his hard work and said the event had a great turnout that she was happy to see.

“There were enough televisions brought in to fill this large room,” Barfield said at Monday’s regular supervisory board meeting.

Harris said it was an important day for residents of Warren County and surrounding areas as it helps clean up the community.

“It’s a big cleanup, so when people have things that they need to get rid of their homes, they can take them over there,” Harris said. “I think it’s a great way to help the community get rid of things they can’t afford to get rid of. “

Harris said she was happy with the success of Hazardous Waste Collection Day this year and will continue to organize the events for years to come.


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