71% of MSMEs are optimistic about the growth of their business in the next six months


The first six months of 2022 have been a phase of transition to the pre-pandemic way of operating businesses for MSMEs in the country. According to the results of Khatabook’s Mid-Year 2022 MSME Business Sentiment Survey, released today, 71% of MSME businesses are very optimistic about growth in the next six months of 2022, and only 5% expect a drop in that time frame. The survey looks at data from 7,295 MSMEs in every state and various business categories in the country.

According to this series of semi-annual MSME business sentiment surveys by the startup, sentiment of optimism for business growth has steadily improved year on year. Furthermore, this improvement in business growth optimism score is seen across all MSMEs – retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. This trend can be attributed to the strong real trade performance of MSMEs in the first two quarters of 2022.

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58% of MSMEs confirmed an improvement in real activity in 2022. The first six months of 2022 have been positive growth for MSMEs in all categories and regions. MSME ecosystems in all states are experiencing positive growth, with Telangana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat being the top positive growth states. All categories showed growth, including those with negative growth in 2021, such as industrial services, stationery and furniture. Pharmacy, salons and restaurants/restaurants are the top growth categories in the first two quarters of 2022. About 66% of businesses mentioned that they had no significant business issues. In contrast, others said weak demand, credit availability and liquidity, and payment collection were among the top concerns.

Commenting on the key findings of the survey, Ravish Naresh, CEO and co-founder of Khatabook, said, “Major transitions and changes in the business environment have become frequent. Our series of bi-annual business sentiment surveys of MSMEs has been extremely useful in tracking changes in sentiment and actual business performance of MSMEs. The survey also highlights the resilience and positive outlook of the MSME community towards business growth and the willingness to embrace new methods that will contribute to growth momentum while managing transitions. Comments on the challenges faced by MSMEs regarding issues such as credit availability, liquidity and payment collection are in line with our product development focus at Khatabook.

41% of MSMEs reported an improvement in real activity in the second half of 2021, while 58% of MSMEs confirmed an improvement in real activity in 2022. The improvement in activity in 2022 is in line with the score d high optimism for improved activity in Khatabook. previous survey results.

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“We see a constant improvement in the actual performance of the company. For the next two quarters in 2022, 71% is a high business performance optimism score from the MSME community. I hope that the comments on the actual performance of the company in the next survey will align with this score of optimism,” added Ravish. Only 14% of companies experienced a decline in 2022, compared to 23% in the last two quarters of 2021.


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