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It would be an understatement to say that it was a time. Not only have the past few months brought major threats to basic human rights and the health of our environment, but also, gun violence has seen such an increase in this country that experts suspect we are becoming virtually oblivious to its horrible effects. And don’t forget, the lingering pandemic continues to buzz in the background. All this to say that if there was ever a time when a certain amount of joy or products that elicit it could be wholeheartedly enjoyed, I’d say it’s now.

Although you don’t necessarily have need particular things to experience joy (you can always throw a party in the shower or dance your heart out in your living room), tough times require going all out. And that’s why I interviewed the Well+Good team – and dug into my own happiness-boosting arsenal – to gather the rituals, practices and, yes, products that we are all using right now to spark a little more joy in these rather arid times. My hope? That you will adopt one or more of these ideas to inject a little more joy into your life as well.

Here are the practices and products that make the 6 Well+Good employees happy

Spend time on the water

“Thank goodness for my paddle board, which has become my own floating oasis these days. I’ve been paddling for a few years for exercise, but lately my new board feels more like a sanctuary than ever. I bring snacks, sunscreen, and some water, hit the lake and get out there. I can just fly away…literally.” —Frankie Krempa, Associate Business Writer

Diffuse a soothing fragrance

“The activity that’s always been the most effective at distracting me is my sculpting class at my local yoga studio. (Basically, my brain is too busy trying to balance on one leg while doing a deadlift earth to worry about societal collapse.) But even when I’m not working out, I can create a joyful vibe in my own bedroom by recreating that yoga studio smell with essential oils. Tried a bunch of different diffusers, and Alo’s is nice and big (so you can run it all night long) and easy to clean (no mold to be found) The brand also has some really great oil blends essentials – my favorites are Chill + Unwind and Breathe + Spa – which have helped me stay calmer and allowed me to feel happier when relaxing with a book or a show.” —Gina Vaynshteyn, Trade Editor

Crafting Shirley Temples

“Making Shirley Temples (yes, the drink) as an afternoon or evening pick-me-up gives me a lot of joy. trending right now from Dirty Shirleys aka Spiked Shirley Temples which looks yummy too but I haven’t made one yet…maybe joy for another day. is to use very refined maraschino cherries. My favorite is the OG Luxardo.” —Samantha Leal, Associate Editor

Clean and organize (yes, really)

“I’m due to have a baby any day now, and while I’ve never been a Danny Tanner or Monica Geller type, I can’t help but plan. Specifically, I’ve filled the baby’s wardrobe with outfits in such soft fabrics, I wish I could wear them myself.And the washing, folding and hanging of the clothes gives me joy.The PACMAN themed pajamas by Posh Peanut, in particular, is so cute I could cry just looking at it in the dresser (Hormones are real, folks.)” —Alexis Berger, lifestyle director

Sip a fizzy drink during the workday

“I constantly remind myself to drink more water because when I’m not hydrated I find I’m a lot more anxious. And one way I’ve been able to stay on top of my hydration goals is with Liquid Death Yes, it’s another brand of sparkling water, but the brand is so… badass that I almost always have one on my desk. It just makes me smile because it looks like I’m drinking a beer. and that I should listen to Metallica, but it’s just water with a slight fruit flavor You can also get the plain version, which I really love – honestly, way more than a Pellegrino or any other sparkling water fancy one that usually comes to mind.—Vaynshteyn

Release back tension

“I recently purchased one of these back stretchers with acupressure release points which I lay on every day after work for at least 10 minutes. Feeling relief in my body after spending hunched over a computer all day is a very specific type of joy, and one that is close to my heart.” —Leal

Take a spa-like shower

“I live in a 500 square foot studio apartment with a boyfriend and a dog, and my nighttime shower has become my only escape (I love you both!). Instead of going in and out the as quickly as possible as I used to, I now take the opportunity to really enjoy the moment – and alone time has become almost meditative for me.To make the experience even more spa-like, I start by dropping an Esker shower bomb on the floor , which fills my bathroom with eucalyptus-scented steam. I also have a whole collection of luxuriously scented body washes – which I alternate depending on my mood – and I often treat myself to a scalp massage. with a scrub, deep conditioning mask and full body scrub.” —Zoe Weiner, Beauty Editor

Practicing a nocturnal body care ritual

“While my nighttime shower is definitely a time for self-care, these days I maintain that vibe even after stepping out. Once I’m clean, I make a lotion sandwich by slathering my whole body in a layer of lotion (I’ve been loving the ones from Saltair lately), then seal it with a layer of oil before moving on to my absurdly long facial routine and donning my favorite silk pajamas.” —Weiner

Raise a glass of classy, ​​non-alcoholic wine

Personally, I’ve been traveling alcohol-free on doctor’s orders for a few months now thanks to a pesky stomach issue, but it wasn’t until recently that I completely let go of my skepticism of dealcoholized wine and I embraced the trend at home. And I’ll just say I’m so glad I did because opening a bottle of Acid League’s Proxies Club Gallica rosé brings (almost) as much joy as the real thing. It’s as tangy, refreshing and crisp as any great dry alcoholic rosé, and I’ve found that even just pouring it into my wine glasses – after months of dusting it – causes its own kind of buzz.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.


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