Carbonia, Sardinia . The priest does not give her permission to act as godmother, because the woman is married to her partner.


Resulta ng larawan para sa lesbian

Being the godmother at the baptism of a child. Here’s what Jessica, 34, from Carbonia wanted . But nothing to do, the priest did not want to know. Jessica is a lesbian , and she married her partner in an ecumenical church , however recognized by the Vatican State.

A valid celebration, therefore, both for the church and for the Italian state. ” Today I have been denied the right to act as godmother, just because I’m married to a woman ” he wrote on Facebook, denouncing what happened. ” The dear priest has categorically refused to give me the permission, a document that serves if you are from another church, ” he continued, proving to be aware that the church in which the baptism is to be held and the one where she got married are different. But faith is the same.

“I refuse to be part of this world”

Hard words, those that Jessica reports in a long post in his personal profile of Facebook. Words that demonstrate continued discrimination and humiliation, as she herself says, showing tired of these struggles and not having the same rights as heterosexual people.

“I refuse to be part of this world, of this life , of being part of this category called men, people. […] Shame, love is one, the Lord is one. I call this discrimination, I call it humiliation. I have no words to define all this “.

But it is not yet the last word for Jessica. ” I will go ahead with this thing and take action, it will not end this way. I ask everyone to share and show and understand in what world we are living “.

The ecumenical church follows the same creed, but has always been shown ahead of the Vatican , as well as more modern . For this reason, ecumenical priests welcome requests for same-sex marriages and celebrate them, giving them blessing.