Have you taken a little too many payday loans? Then it might be a good idea to consolidate at Push Button For. It can give you a better overview, less interest to pay, fewer costs and more other benefits. In this post, you give a guide on how to consolidate your payday loans somewhere. But first, we’ll just get some benefits from consolidating your payday loans.

Online payday consolidation and offers just for you

It might be difficult to estimate how much you owe if you do not even have such terribly good control of your finances (as there are many in Denmark). Therefore, it can give you a better overview of your debt if you can manage to get it together somewhere. This can help reduce the level of stress significantly to keep an eye on how the status is on your total debt somewhere. Additionally, many rude converters from different loan providers also end, which would also give you more peace of mind as it is too much a stressful element to think about how much they really owe.

You pay less in interest and fees

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Of course, the above is only true if you can get your bank or where you can even collect your loans, to offer the loan at better terms than the other creditors. This should not be a problem as the vast majority of SMS loan providers have VERY high-interest rates and costs. Obviously, you will not get such attractive terms as if you had no debts and should take out a new loan, but if you are good at speaking your case, you should be able to negotiate a little better terms.

How to collect your debt

Here’s giving you some tips on how to best get your debt collected at either your bank or another loan institution, which offers you better terms than where you have your loans right now.

Get a full overview of your debt

If you have an opportunity to get someone to collect your debts, it’s important that you are properly prepared. Of course, it starts by finding out how many places you have debt and how much you really owe. It may be a bit unimaginable if you have neglected its debt for a long time, but start finding all the rude envelopes you probably receive in your mail. Write down each creditor. If they send a status of how much you owe, note the amount. If not, you should grab the bone and call each creditor and find out how much you owe them. Write down the amounts!

Control the budget and the fixed costs

One of the things a bank will look at taking over your loans is that there is control over the budget and that there is money to pay off on the loan. If they can see that they are unrelated, then the chance that they will take over the debt will be relatively small. Therefore, it is important that you can at least show them that you have an overview of how your budget looks. If you do not already have a budget, just make one. Here must enter all the fixed costs you have each month. There are entries such as rent, mobile subscriptions, broadband etc.

What do I do if I find it difficult to pay my fixed costs?

If you go to zero every month or even spend more money than you have, then you have to collect your debt somewhere, have reduced your fixed costs, or you can shoot a white arrow after collecting the debt. Each posting must be reviewed and, as far as possible, cheaper alternatives. Fortunately, this is quite easy for the most part, as you can easily handle the smallest packages on TV, broadband, mobile subscriptions, etc. There will typically be 1-2000kr. In the vast majority of fixed costs, just in the “Non-essential” category. If you look at whether it is possible to find a cheaper place to live, you can quickly find a lot of extra money every month, which you can instead use for repayment of your debt.

The variable costs are often the worst

Although fixed costs often represent the largest share of money consumption, it is often the variable costs that have the largest share of “unnecessary” costs. The variable costs include things like food, clothing, restaurant visits, etc. Here it requires that you are willing to sit down and review your consumption for the last several months to find out how much money has actually gone to the different categories of variable costs. If you have had a lot of cash increases and have not saved your receipts, it might be hard to compare what the money has been. If it is too difficult to estimate how much money has gone to each category, you can alternatively set a month to measure how much money is being spent. Do this by simply using the money as before, but just make sure to save the receipts. Once you’ve done it for a month, it’s easy to categorize all expenses. Use if necessary. an excel scheme, as it’s a bit easier than in your hand.

Cut down on as much unnecessary as possible

For many, they will be surprised at how their consumption really differs. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to see a pattern and then just cut where the largest proportion of unnecessary consumption lies. It may be difficult to turn to a new pattern of consumption, but it’s definitely a must if you already have difficulty getting the economy together, that you have a plan for how you will find the money to deduct your debt.

Increase your income

If you follow the above exercises, you still find it hard to afford to live, then the next step is to find you a way to increase your monthly income. If your current work does not allow you to get more hours, there are plenty of opportunities to find extra hours in eg agency agencies. If you have full-time work in the weekdays, there might be an opportunity to have weeks for weekends.

Sell items you do not need any more

In order to show the greatest possible willingness to repay your debts, it may be a good idea to sell as many things as you can easily do. It could be an extra car, the dog, the expensive flat screen TV, the laptop or the tablet. There are lots of things you can sell and find money to give the debt an extra boost in the right direction. By doing so, you show that you are willing to do what is in your power to repay your debts as soon as possible.

If you have done all of the above and can show it black in white to your banker or another lender, then it will most likely be easier to get them to collect your debt for better terms than before.