Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt


-The change of the mention of gender or non-gender to the free and free civil status in town hall, without medical condition (neither sterilization nor psychiatric follow-up), without homologation by a judge.
-The removal of the mention of sex in civil status and on all identity documents.
-The free choice of medical courses, depsychiatrised, depathologized and on the basis of informed consent, with the maintenance of reimbursements in France and abroad.
-The dismantling of hospital teams and protocols and the training of French doctors and surgeons for a quality, respectful and depsychiatrised medical follow-up.
-The establishment of an exonerating device other than the ALD 31, pathologizing and source of discrimination to frame the management of the care potentially requested by the trans people and / or intersex during their course, and to end the arbitrariness of the medical advisers and inequalities of treatment from one health insurance fund to another.
-The adoption of transitional provisions to ensure the continuity of the rights trans people and / or intersex who have changed number of Social Security and overcome the difficulties encountered particularly with health insurance organizations and retirement.
-The training and awareness of people and associations in contact with trans people and intersex (health, education, social, administrative, justice, prisons, associations, etc.), in connection with trans and intersex associations.
-The implementation of measures to promote the access of trans and intersex people to higher education and the world of work, and to protect trans and intersex employees.
-The end of gender segregation in sports competitions that involve gender-based testing and medical pressure on trans and / or intersex sportsmen and women.
-The financing of awareness campaigns, in collaboration with trans and intersex associations, to fight against transphobia and medical and social violence against intersex people and for the visibility of trans and intersex people.
-The funding of research and communication on the health of trans and intersex people and their partners (HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, STIs, effects of long-term treatments, drug interactions, etc.).
-The funding of research in gender and cultural studies by and for trans and intersex students and researchers and researchers.
-The abandonment of laws criminalizing sex work, which precarious and endanger the trans people and intersex concerned, including the criminalization of customers.
– Respect for human rights for trans and intersex people in prison.
-The immediate, unconditional and unconditional regularization of all trans and intersex migrant people
-The immediate cessation of operations and mutilations, sterilizations, chemical or hormonal “treatments” forced, psychiatric practices imposed on intersex children and adolescents, non-pathological psychological support of their parents and support for Intersex self-determination, in accordance with Council of Europe Resolution 1952 (2013) on the right of children to physical integrity.


Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt
-The suppression of the characterization of intersex as “disorders of sexual development” in the international classification of diseases and its implementation in the regulatory texts in France. The removal of “gender identity disorder” from international diagnostic manuals: DSM V and CIM 10.
-The accompaniment of children and adolescents in their self-determination: respect and protection of any expression of gender, respect for given names and gender, especially in the school setting, access on the basis of informed consent to hormonal treatments and / or blocking puberty , as with other treatments or operations, and access to the change of civil status.
– Access for trans and intersex people, children and adults, to the preservation of their fertility in the centers for the study and conservation of human eggs and sperm (CECOS).
-Access to the PMA and respect for the rights of trans and intersex parents, including the modification of official acts of children and partners.
– Media coverage of the LGBT Journalists Association (AJL) kit for the respect of trans and intersex people.