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Montoro admits possible false invoices not detected to finance the 1-O referendum

The leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, and the Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, have worked for the confrontation in the Congress. The referendum in Catalonia and the subsequent statements of both the minister and the president of the Government, which has been dedicated to that end. This issue has been translated into English for the provision of public funds, has replied that “there may be falsification of invoices” and another type of embezzlement, such as “opening a public enclosure for an illegal political act, for example. “

A revolver, with the investigations of Civil Guard that point in that direction led by the judge Pablo Llarena to request immediate explanations on this particular to the minister. The leader of the Citizens has ruined that of the court of the Embezzlement before the courts with the words of Rajah and Montoro denying the embezzlement, for which he has called for explanations: “It would be too much to ask that the Government stop making him a defense lawyer and tell the truth to the judges, “Civil Guard and the rest of Spaniards?”

“How can there be (falsification), in any administrative procedure?

Montoro has started his reply saying that he could not rule out anything: “discard, discard can be ruled out, except the need to be true to principles.” The ministry of government has been that of the Government of the Republic of China. And immediately, Montoro has demanded that Rivera read his interviews in the press, in particular the latest one published in El Mundo, in which he assures that “I do not know with that money”, nor the maintenance of Puigdemont. referendum could only have been due to a crime.

Montoro has put the accent on this thesis, which has admitted that it exist: “Can have, has sustained. Above all, “Catalonia is not independent of the actions of the Government of Spain”. So now the “actions of justice” are under way, but “if we had done the accounts, the separatists would have had hundreds of millions in their hands.” Now, “if they have falsified, they must answer for it,” the minister has warned.

Admits that “there can always be imperfections in the procedure of a state action”

The rotundity of other times has also been “imperfections in the procedure of a state action”, and he said. For the Minister of Finance, “that is democracy, the discrepancies”, because “the rest is dictatorial”. Thus, in the face of the Catalan question “we are doing a control”, but “there may be imperfections” in this proceeding, and he explained.

Montoro has also had the occasion to make a guilty for accustoming him as an alibi for Puigdemont. “That already is fantastic,” he snapped. “Mr. Puigdemont,” he replied, “because we are doing our part,” he said.

According to the minister, “it is not that the Government is collaborating, but that it is promoting” the investigation on the financing of the 1-O

Montoro has claimed that “do not do more interviews” because “Judge Llarena will thank you and the Civil Guard also. “And in reply, Montoro has” I always not say you “. The minister recalled that “I have done many times in my political life because you have to do priority when you do not want to do.”

After this, Montoro recalled that in his interview in El Mundo points to a possible crime of forgery and that is why an investigation is under way, and that “it is not that the government is collaborating, but that it is driving” that investigation.

Pere Aragonés (ERC), remember that “Montoro has all the accounts of the Generalitat” and therefore also ” indication “of expense or falsification of invoices to finance the referendum, so they regret that the minister’s suspicions are launched” without any proof or foundation “.

The Ministry of Economy remembers that “Montoro has all the accounts of the Generalitat” and therefore also “access to invoices and all the files”