Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt

Does art have the power to change the world, especially by raising awareness and denouncing the discriminations of our current universe? For this, artists must have the possibility of expressing something other than the dominant political discourse.


Decolonizing the Arts is an association composed of artists who have set themselves the objective of questioning cultural circles in France about the infinitesimal presence of artists from underprivileged populations on theater and dance stages. television, cinema and the visual arts.


This summer at the Avignon Festival, as part of David Bobée’s soap opera “Ladies and Gentlemen and the Rest of the World”, many of these artists, including Gerty Dambury, were able to speak. But it’s not without difficulty or pressure …
Isabelle Barberis is a lecturer in Performing Arts at Paris VII, a normalist, CNRS associate researcher, author of articles and books on contemporary theater, and theater expert at the DRAC Ile-de-France and playwright. It made the choice of those who, in the name of secularism, lead a crusade against the Islamic threat which, to hear them, would gangrene our Republic. His remarks are generously relayed by the Republican Printemps and by French native.
As his articles, books and his university power and the DRAC no longer suffice him to block artists; recently she went so far as to create a fake Facebook profile to caricature David Bobée. You will discover the screen-prints that we share with you. Homophobic about him, transphobic to make fun of the actions put in place at the CDN in Rouen to get rid of toilets, and of course deeply embarrassing in their approach, so-called humorous, which hides badly the racism of his author: “for a caliphate queer public service “,” stop holocaust islamophobe “, can we read on this unworthy profile of public responsibilities that are his.


Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt
Certainly once caught in her own trap she has removed this false account, and speaks of lack of humor, on the part of the people she wanted to humiliate.

She also distinguished herself in this enbyphobe tribune, where she denounced the possibility for the actors.ices to inform the mention of genre of their choice, including non-binary. Or in this other where she attacked Menel, veiled singer.

The LGBTI center in Normandy supports David Bobée’s approach in his fight against racist, sexist and LGBTQIphobe discrimination, and the humiliation and homophobic harassment he undergoes to express it through art.