Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt

The National Consultative Ethics Committee has submitted its highly anticipated report on several issues called bioethics: LDC, GPA, access to origins, end of life. In line with its previous opinion of June 2017,


CCNE welcomed the opening of Assisted Reproduction (PMA) to women couples and single women . The great “national consultation” that led to this opinion, however, had not been achieved with a favorable balance of power, with public meetings overwhelmingly organized by activists who were violently anti-LDCs, anti- IVG and LGBTI anti-rights.


The LGBTI + Federation therefore welcomes this progressive and egalitarian stance, but regrets that it does not concern all those who are able to bear a child (transgender men and intersex people included). Like his predecessor François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron had unsheathed the CCNE card to delay this issue subject to lively debate, particularly contested by the fundamentalist and homophobic circles. The current President, anxious to “not humiliate again the Manif for All”, has now in hands 2 favorable opinions of the CCNE, 1 favorable opinion of the Order of doctors, opinion polls mainly pro LDCs for all, and a majority supposedly of the same opinion in the National Assembly.


The President of the Republic, the Government and the Parliament must continue to act quickly and well by passing a law respectful of the reality of the diversity of family models, or by assuming to be against this measure of equality. While the Manif for All and all of its racks are in full media tour to announce the umpteenth time the Apocalypse, pouring their hatred of LGBTI + people and families under the guise of child protection (where is this zeal when it comes to fighting priests guilty of sexual violence?), the psychological and physical integrity of LGBTI people is at stake. Since late 2012 and the first mobilizations of the Manif for All against the “Taubira law” , LGBTI-phobic attacks have increased significantly and are no longer declining significantly, due to a release of hate speech.


Emmanuel Macron and parliamentarians LREM can no longer hide behind their little finger and must now assume their responsibilities.