October 26, 2018

STOPHOMOPHOBIA homophobic attacks

Rally against homophobia
on the forecourt of the town hall of Gennevilliers
November 10, 2018 at 2 pm

551 cases of anti-LGBT assaults in the Isle of France, 320 in the suburbs

“My name is Lyes, I’m 23 years old, I’m gay and I live in Gennevilliers (in Hauts-de-Seine). I have also been regularly assaulted because of my “sexual orientation”, my “walking” or “dressing”. They want me to be “normal”. I no longer have the right to pass in some places because I “disgusts”, I’m a “fagot”, a “pedal”, “I’m going to die of AIDS, burn in hell …”

For my entourage also, and some of my relatives: “I’m sick, I need an imam.” So how not to hate each other? But when we let things go, situations deteriorate and insults become blows. I was threatened, beaten, ambushed, and finally lodged complaints. Often, we do not record them. The others have all been dismissed.

Double aggression. Difficult to be a victim of homophobia, then to also have to justify, be despised, in a police station, by police officers who make fun of my case or wonder about my “responsibility”.

It would be “my fault”. And then, “You know what’s going on here in the suburbs? That’s what a
Peacekeeper answered me. And I’m not alone in this “case”: Hakim, Elena, Alex, Arnaud, Guillaume … The list goes on every day.

So to be able to “live happily, one would have to hide”? I’m not trying to live happily, but to be able to
to live at all. Our suburbs are not closets!

This is why I thought it necessary to launch an awareness campaign and set up associative offices, in Gennevilliers, my city, to begin with, a “first”.

I also invite you to join us, this November 10, 2018, on the forecourt of the town hall (at 177 avenue Gabriel-Péri 92230) from 14 to 18h, to demonstrate, pull, react, fight against hate and encourage our policies to to invest in a real national plan to fight against homophobia!