Priest opposes a godmother of a baptism because lesbian


Carbonia, Sardinia . The priest does not give her permission to act as godmother, because the woman is married to her partner.


Resulta ng larawan para sa lesbian

Being the godmother at the baptism of a child. Here’s what Jessica, 34, from Carbonia wanted . But nothing to do, the priest did not want to know. Jessica is a lesbian , and she married her partner in an ecumenical church , however recognized by the Vatican State.

A valid celebration, therefore, both for the church and for the Italian state. ” Today I have been denied the right to act as godmother, just because I’m married to a woman ” he wrote on Facebook, denouncing what happened. ” The dear priest has categorically refused to give me the permission, a document that serves if you are from another church, ” he continued, proving to be aware that the church in which the baptism is to be held and the one where she got married are different. But faith is the same.

“I refuse to be part of this world”

Hard words, those that Jessica reports in a long post in his personal profile of Facebook. Words that demonstrate continued discrimination and humiliation, as she herself says, showing tired of these struggles and not having the same rights as heterosexual people.

“I refuse to be part of this world, of this life , of being part of this category called men, people. […] Shame, love is one, the Lord is one. I call this discrimination, I call it humiliation. I have no words to define all this “.

But it is not yet the last word for Jessica. ” I will go ahead with this thing and take action, it will not end this way. I ask everyone to share and show and understand in what world we are living “.

The ecumenical church follows the same creed, but has always been shown ahead of the Vatican , as well as more modern . For this reason, ecumenical priests welcome requests for same-sex marriages and celebrate them, giving them blessing.

Homophobic attacks: call to the rally

October 26, 2018

STOPHOMOPHOBIA homophobic attacks

Rally against homophobia
on the forecourt of the town hall of Gennevilliers
November 10, 2018 at 2 pm

551 cases of anti-LGBT assaults in the Isle of France, 320 in the suburbs

“My name is Lyes, I’m 23 years old, I’m gay and I live in Gennevilliers (in Hauts-de-Seine). I have also been regularly assaulted because of my “sexual orientation”, my “walking” or “dressing”. They want me to be “normal”. I no longer have the right to pass in some places because I “disgusts”, I’m a “fagot”, a “pedal”, “I’m going to die of AIDS, burn in hell …”

For my entourage also, and some of my relatives: “I’m sick, I need an imam.” So how not to hate each other? But when we let things go, situations deteriorate and insults become blows. I was threatened, beaten, ambushed, and finally lodged complaints. Often, we do not record them. The others have all been dismissed.

Double aggression. Difficult to be a victim of homophobia, then to also have to justify, be despised, in a police station, by police officers who make fun of my case or wonder about my “responsibility”.

It would be “my fault”. And then, “You know what’s going on here in the suburbs? That’s what a
Peacekeeper answered me. And I’m not alone in this “case”: Hakim, Elena, Alex, Arnaud, Guillaume … The list goes on every day.

So to be able to “live happily, one would have to hide”? I’m not trying to live happily, but to be able to
to live at all. Our suburbs are not closets!

This is why I thought it necessary to launch an awareness campaign and set up associative offices, in Gennevilliers, my city, to begin with, a “first”.

I also invite you to join us, this November 10, 2018, on the forecourt of the town hall (at 177 avenue Gabriel-Péri 92230) from 14 to 18h, to demonstrate, pull, react, fight against hate and encourage our policies to to invest in a real national plan to fight against homophobia!


Normandie Auto-Support Trans was at EXISTRANS 2017 (Paris)!

Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt


-The change of the mention of gender or non-gender to the free and free civil status in town hall, without medical condition (neither sterilization nor psychiatric follow-up), without homologation by a judge.
-The removal of the mention of sex in civil status and on all identity documents.
-The free choice of medical courses, depsychiatrised, depathologized and on the basis of informed consent, with the maintenance of reimbursements in France and abroad.
-The dismantling of hospital teams and protocols and the training of French doctors and surgeons for a quality, respectful and depsychiatrised medical follow-up.
-The establishment of an exonerating device other than the ALD 31, pathologizing and source of discrimination to frame the management of the care potentially requested by the trans people and / or intersex during their course, and to end the arbitrariness of the medical advisers and inequalities of treatment from one health insurance fund to another.
-The adoption of transitional provisions to ensure the continuity of the rights trans people and / or intersex who have changed number of Social Security and overcome the difficulties encountered particularly with health insurance organizations and retirement.
-The training and awareness of people and associations in contact with trans people and intersex (health, education, social, administrative, justice, prisons, associations, etc.), in connection with trans and intersex associations.
-The implementation of measures to promote the access of trans and intersex people to higher education and the world of work, and to protect trans and intersex employees.
-The end of gender segregation in sports competitions that involve gender-based testing and medical pressure on trans and / or intersex sportsmen and women.
-The financing of awareness campaigns, in collaboration with trans and intersex associations, to fight against transphobia and medical and social violence against intersex people and for the visibility of trans and intersex people.
-The funding of research and communication on the health of trans and intersex people and their partners (HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, STIs, effects of long-term treatments, drug interactions, etc.).
-The funding of research in gender and cultural studies by and for trans and intersex students and researchers and researchers.
-The abandonment of laws criminalizing sex work, which precarious and endanger the trans people and intersex concerned, including the criminalization of customers.
– Respect for human rights for trans and intersex people in prison.
-The immediate, unconditional and unconditional regularization of all trans and intersex migrant people
-The immediate cessation of operations and mutilations, sterilizations, chemical or hormonal “treatments” forced, psychiatric practices imposed on intersex children and adolescents, non-pathological psychological support of their parents and support for Intersex self-determination, in accordance with Council of Europe Resolution 1952 (2013) on the right of children to physical integrity.


Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt
-The suppression of the characterization of intersex as “disorders of sexual development” in the international classification of diseases and its implementation in the regulatory texts in France. The removal of “gender identity disorder” from international diagnostic manuals: DSM V and CIM 10.
-The accompaniment of children and adolescents in their self-determination: respect and protection of any expression of gender, respect for given names and gender, especially in the school setting, access on the basis of informed consent to hormonal treatments and / or blocking puberty , as with other treatments or operations, and access to the change of civil status.
– Access for trans and intersex people, children and adults, to the preservation of their fertility in the centers for the study and conservation of human eggs and sperm (CECOS).
-Access to the PMA and respect for the rights of trans and intersex parents, including the modification of official acts of children and partners.
– Media coverage of the LGBT Journalists Association (AJL) kit for the respect of trans and intersex people.



Acts of violence LGBTI-phobes: face brutality, act quickly!

Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt


 Press Release • LGBTI + Federation of October 18, 2018 For the last few days, we have noticed that the Île-de-France and the big cities are the scene of LGBTIphobic assaults of unheard-of violence. In response to the assault of Guillaume Mélanie (president of Urgence Homophobie), voices are now rising, even within the government, to deplore the multiplication of these revolting acts.exte the release At the call of LGBTI organizations Ile-de-France, a demonstration will take place on October 21 at 17 pm, place de la République in Paris. We call on all those who can, to join this event and extend our solidarity to the entire movement and people. Since the “debates” on the opening of marriage, our associations have witnessed a flambé and sinister legitimization of LGBTIphobic speeches and acts in all aspects of society. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the word on this issue must be released.


The reaction of the Government and Marlène Schiappa, who took up the subject and is organizing a meeting with LGBTI + organizations tonight, is necessary. It is time to put a stop to the brutalization of consciences and bodies. It is urgent to do so: – ensuring proper reception and accompaniment in police stations and the effective transmission of complaints to the courts; – effectively giving effect to the complaints transmitted to the Prosecutors; – cutting quickly on the debates of society , even to brutalize homophobic consciences; – by educating from an early age the fight against LGBTIphobias in moral and civic education programs, in youth centers, in ventilated centers, wherever youth is present. Prevention of LGBTIphobic violence is the responsibility of the state. It goes through a social climate of respect for minorities and unequivocal positions in the face of conservative movements fueling hatred. It’s urgent !

face a la brutalite agir viteActualiteModule486image1fr1539873191L258


LDCs for all?


Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt

The National Consultative Ethics Committee has submitted its highly anticipated report on several issues called bioethics: LDC, GPA, access to origins, end of life. In line with its previous opinion of June 2017,


CCNE welcomed the opening of Assisted Reproduction (PMA) to women couples and single women . The great “national consultation” that led to this opinion, however, had not been achieved with a favorable balance of power, with public meetings overwhelmingly organized by activists who were violently anti-LDCs, anti- IVG and LGBTI anti-rights.


The LGBTI + Federation therefore welcomes this progressive and egalitarian stance, but regrets that it does not concern all those who are able to bear a child (transgender men and intersex people included). Like his predecessor François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron had unsheathed the CCNE card to delay this issue subject to lively debate, particularly contested by the fundamentalist and homophobic circles. The current President, anxious to “not humiliate again the Manif for All”, has now in hands 2 favorable opinions of the CCNE, 1 favorable opinion of the Order of doctors, opinion polls mainly pro LDCs for all, and a majority supposedly of the same opinion in the National Assembly.


The President of the Republic, the Government and the Parliament must continue to act quickly and well by passing a law respectful of the reality of the diversity of family models, or by assuming to be against this measure of equality. While the Manif for All and all of its racks are in full media tour to announce the umpteenth time the Apocalypse, pouring their hatred of LGBTI + people and families under the guise of child protection (where is this zeal when it comes to fighting priests guilty of sexual violence?), the psychological and physical integrity of LGBTI people is at stake. Since late 2012 and the first mobilizations of the Manif for All against the “Taubira law” , LGBTI-phobic attacks have increased significantly and are no longer declining significantly, due to a release of hate speech.


Emmanuel Macron and parliamentarians LREM can no longer hide behind their little finger and must now assume their responsibilities. 



LGBTQI and anti-racist activist and the Association Décoloniser les arts

Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt

Does art have the power to change the world, especially by raising awareness and denouncing the discriminations of our current universe? For this, artists must have the possibility of expressing something other than the dominant political discourse.


Decolonizing the Arts is an association composed of artists who have set themselves the objective of questioning cultural circles in France about the infinitesimal presence of artists from underprivileged populations on theater and dance stages. television, cinema and the visual arts.


This summer at the Avignon Festival, as part of David Bobée’s soap opera “Ladies and Gentlemen and the Rest of the World”, many of these artists, including Gerty Dambury, were able to speak. But it’s not without difficulty or pressure …
Isabelle Barberis is a lecturer in Performing Arts at Paris VII, a normalist, CNRS associate researcher, author of articles and books on contemporary theater, and theater expert at the DRAC Ile-de-France and playwright. It made the choice of those who, in the name of secularism, lead a crusade against the Islamic threat which, to hear them, would gangrene our Republic. His remarks are generously relayed by the Republican Printemps and by French native.
As his articles, books and his university power and the DRAC no longer suffice him to block artists; recently she went so far as to create a fake Facebook profile to caricature David Bobée. You will discover the screen-prints that we share with you. Homophobic about him, transphobic to make fun of the actions put in place at the CDN in Rouen to get rid of toilets, and of course deeply embarrassing in their approach, so-called humorous, which hides badly the racism of his author: “for a caliphate queer public service “,” stop holocaust islamophobe “, can we read on this unworthy profile of public responsibilities that are his.


Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt
Certainly once caught in her own trap she has removed this false account, and speaks of lack of humor, on the part of the people she wanted to humiliate.

She also distinguished herself in this enbyphobe tribune, where she denounced the possibility for the actors.ices to inform the mention of genre of their choice, including non-binary. Or in this other where she attacked Menel, veiled singer.

The LGBTI center in Normandy supports David Bobée’s approach in his fight against racist, sexist and LGBTQIphobe discrimination, and the humiliation and homophobic harassment he undergoes to express it through art.



Aggression of Romain, the climate of hatred LGBTIphobe must stop!

Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt

Interassociative speech of November 3, 2018, gathering “Rouen: no to hate!”

“Thank you to all of us for answering our call to say NO to Homophobia in all its forms, to the growing violence everywhere in France and NO to any discrimination whatsoever!
As you may have learned, on the night of October 24-25, Romain, a homosexual young man, has been assaulted and sequestered with violence that we can only strongly condemn. The homophobic nature of this heinous act is indisputable.
Unfortunately, we are not surprised by this aggression. It is not an isolated event: It is part of a much too long series of attacks, particularly towards bisexual, transgender, lesbian or gay people.
It is also part of a societal context of freedom of speech LGBTIphobe, climate initiated by the Manif for All in 2013.
It is also part of a climate of institutional violence, where homosexual couples are discriminated against in adoption, are denied access to the PMA, where trans people struggle to enforce their identity in French administrations, where intersex people are mutilated at an early age, long before they are able to express their will.
Violence, discrimination, LGBTIphobia are expressed in all aspects of our lives, whether we walk on the street, want to start a family, find a job or housing or consult a doctor.

If we gather today, it is first of all in support of Romain, but also for all others. It’s in memory of Vanessa Campos, a trans sex worker murdered in August. It is in support of all mutilated intersex people whose names we do not know. All LGBTI people insulted, beaten, mocked, discriminated against by their relatives, their employer, their colleagues, their classmates, their doctor or their teacher. It is by thinking of all young people who are homeless because their gender identity or sexual orientation is not appropriate for their family.
It is for all those who see themselves as human sub-beings, because their person, their individuality does not correspond to standards: skin color, height, weight, religion, ethnic origin …


We gather to express a fit. This direct and indirect, permanent and insidious violence must stop. We can not take it anymore.
All of us, gathered today, have become aware of the situation of fear that everyone. can feel, and we bring a strong citizen response by our presence! This chain we have formed is a strong act!

Beyond our differences, we joined hands to affirm that good living together is possible and desired by citizens, human beings.
We ask the state to ensure everyone’s safety! We urge it to no longer maintain and maintain this climate by denying rights to some of its citizens, by not training its staff to welcome and support LGBTI people, by not listening to the demands of associations.
We denounce the position of the media, which still speak the word anti-marriages for all, anti-LDCs, xenophobes … that banal LGBTIphobic speeches in the public space, which never give the floor to women or trans people, first concerned by the PMA.

We call for sanctions for all public figures who broadcast hateful messages every day that incite violence!

We ask that social networks be monitored and involved in the fight against discrimination!

We also denounce the choices of the medical profession, who allow themselves a thousand and one violence on the bodies that they deem unconventional, those of intersex people and trans people.

We ask that all ministries strengthen the information but also awareness against discrimination and especially in schools and public institutions!

We ask that justice be done and the real application of penalties to the height of crimes and offenses.

We denounce the global absence of taking into account and recognition of our experiences.

As long as we are not listened to, we will see other Romans being assaulted, others Vanessa being murdered, others being the victims of the cowardice and cruelty of others who feel themselves acting with impunity in our society.

It is high time for our voices to be heard and for us to be truly listened to, that the values ​​of equality, freedom and brotherhood become a priority in our country.