Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt

Interassociative speech of November 3, 2018, gathering “Rouen: no to hate!”

“Thank you to all of us for answering our call to say NO to Homophobia in all its forms, to the growing violence everywhere in France and NO to any discrimination whatsoever!
As you may have learned, on the night of October 24-25, Romain, a homosexual young man, has been assaulted and sequestered with violence that we can only strongly condemn. The homophobic nature of this heinous act is indisputable.
Unfortunately, we are not surprised by this aggression. It is not an isolated event: It is part of a much too long series of attacks, particularly towards bisexual, transgender, lesbian or gay people.
It is also part of a societal context of freedom of speech LGBTIphobe, climate initiated by the Manif for All in 2013.
It is also part of a climate of institutional violence, where homosexual couples are discriminated against in adoption, are denied access to the PMA, where trans people struggle to enforce their identity in French administrations, where intersex people are mutilated at an early age, long before they are able to express their will.
Violence, discrimination, LGBTIphobia are expressed in all aspects of our lives, whether we walk on the street, want to start a family, find a job or housing or consult a doctor.

If we gather today, it is first of all in support of Romain, but also for all others. It’s in memory of Vanessa Campos, a trans sex worker murdered in August. It is in support of all mutilated intersex people whose names we do not know. All LGBTI people insulted, beaten, mocked, discriminated against by their relatives, their employer, their colleagues, their classmates, their doctor or their teacher. It is by thinking of all young people who are homeless because their gender identity or sexual orientation is not appropriate for their family.
It is for all those who see themselves as human sub-beings, because their person, their individuality does not correspond to standards: skin color, height, weight, religion, ethnic origin …


We gather to express a fit. This direct and indirect, permanent and insidious violence must stop. We can not take it anymore.
All of us, gathered today, have become aware of the situation of fear that everyone. can feel, and we bring a strong citizen response by our presence! This chain we have formed is a strong act!

Beyond our differences, we joined hands to affirm that good living together is possible and desired by citizens, human beings.
We ask the state to ensure everyone’s safety! We urge it to no longer maintain and maintain this climate by denying rights to some of its citizens, by not training its staff to welcome and support LGBTI people, by not listening to the demands of associations.
We denounce the position of the media, which still speak the word anti-marriages for all, anti-LDCs, xenophobes … that banal LGBTIphobic speeches in the public space, which never give the floor to women or trans people, first concerned by the PMA.

We call for sanctions for all public figures who broadcast hateful messages every day that incite violence!

We ask that social networks be monitored and involved in the fight against discrimination!

We also denounce the choices of the medical profession, who allow themselves a thousand and one violence on the bodies that they deem unconventional, those of intersex people and trans people.

We ask that all ministries strengthen the information but also awareness against discrimination and especially in schools and public institutions!

We ask that justice be done and the real application of penalties to the height of crimes and offenses.

We denounce the global absence of taking into account and recognition of our experiences.

As long as we are not listened to, we will see other Romans being assaulted, others Vanessa being murdered, others being the victims of the cowardice and cruelty of others who feel themselves acting with impunity in our society.

It is high time for our voices to be heard and for us to be truly listened to, that the values ​​of equality, freedom and brotherhood become a priority in our country.