Resulta ng larawan para sa lgbt


 Press Release • LGBTI + Federation of October 18, 2018 For the last few days, we have noticed that the Île-de-France and the big cities are the scene of LGBTIphobic assaults of unheard-of violence. In response to the assault of Guillaume Mélanie (president of Urgence Homophobie), voices are now rising, even within the government, to deplore the multiplication of these revolting acts.exte the release At the call of LGBTI organizations Ile-de-France, a demonstration will take place on October 21 at 17 pm, place de la République in Paris. We call on all those who can, to join this event and extend our solidarity to the entire movement and people. Since the “debates” on the opening of marriage, our associations have witnessed a flambé and sinister legitimization of LGBTIphobic speeches and acts in all aspects of society. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the word on this issue must be released.


The reaction of the Government and Marlène Schiappa, who took up the subject and is organizing a meeting with LGBTI + organizations tonight, is necessary. It is time to put a stop to the brutalization of consciences and bodies. It is urgent to do so: – ensuring proper reception and accompaniment in police stations and the effective transmission of complaints to the courts; – effectively giving effect to the complaints transmitted to the Prosecutors; – cutting quickly on the debates of society , even to brutalize homophobic consciences; – by educating from an early age the fight against LGBTIphobias in moral and civic education programs, in youth centers, in ventilated centers, wherever youth is present. Prevention of LGBTIphobic violence is the responsibility of the state. It goes through a social climate of respect for minorities and unequivocal positions in the face of conservative movements fueling hatred. It’s urgent !

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